Citizens of Kosovo double their holiday bookings in Albania

SARANDA, Albania, May 14 (NewsOnAlbania) - Saranda is already one of the most popular destinations of Kosovar citizens on the Albanian Riviera, especially among young people.

The Mayor of Saranda, Adrian Gurma, thanked the Kosovar vacationers who kept alive Saranda tourism even during COVID, and invited them to spend their vacation in Saranda.

"In the most difficult moments that Saranda and all Albanian tourism went through in the pandemic, they were the ones who kept tourism alive", said Gurma.

Saranda is becoming attractive for vacationers from Kosovo, according to the president of the Association of Road Transport of Passengers, Ruzhdi Kurtishja, also owner of a travel agency.

"Saranda is one of the most sought after destinations, especially by young people. Demand is strong and an increase of 20-30% increase of Kosovo Albanians to spend their holidays in Saranda is expected", says Kurtishja.

In addition to seasonal vacationers, Saranda has become the second home for many Kosovars who have decided to buy properties to live by the sea. ...continue reading